Week in Review (1-19-12)

Good afternoon! I hope you are having a wonderful weekend. We have been spending a leisurely day at home and I am loving it.

You know, I tend to be a homebody. So, when life gets too busy I need days like today to keep my stress level down. Are you like that or do you thrive on lots of outside of the home activities?

Since another week has come to a close I want to share my favorite picture of the week.

This picture of Joshua and Joseph was taken on Wednesday morning. Joseph had just lined up a bunch of cars when Joshua asked to play with some of the cars.

Joseph, being the youngest of three boys, doesn’t always want to share. We have been praying and talking about how to appropriately treat his siblings.

I really want his choices to come from the heart and not from me forcing him to be kind in a heated moment.

You can imagine my joy when he said, “Sure, Joshua, you can play with me. I will share some of my cars.”

My heart melted and he received all sorts of positive reinforcement for his good choice. :)

Along with this week’s picture I also want to share some articles I read this week that I thought you might find interesting.

As if you couldn’t tell from the previous four links, my family’s health is on my mind.

Have a great rest of your weekend.

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  • Rachel E.

    I love those rare and special moments.

    • http://www.blessingsoverflowing.com/ Jackie

      So do I, Rachel. :)