Snowy Sunrise

What I’m Into {February 2015}

February kind of flew by thanks to it being a short month coupled with the fact that we had a bunch of snow days near the end. We had made it all winter without any snow days and then on President’s day it seemed like winter had officially started just when we were beginning to think about spring. I love… 

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Letter C Preschool Activities-Blessings Overflowing

Letter C Preschool Activities

It has been several months since I last posted any alphabet preschool activities. I started strong in the fall with letter A and letter B posts and then I stopped. The main reason I quit posting alphabet ideas was because I found the job of going through all of my old posts too tedious for… 

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Mom's Pecan Pie

Pecan Pie Recipe

My birthday was last week and my mom made me my very own pecan pie. It was so good that I may have eaten the whole thing by myself, spread out over several days of course. She probably wanted me to share it. Oh, well. Anyway, my mom makes the best pecan pie and usually makes it… 

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Heat Therapy Rice Bags

Heat Therapy Rice Bag Tutorial

I have been making heat therapy rice bags for several years. They are simple to sew and make great gifts. They are perfect for aches, pains, and even cold feet. If you would like to make these heat therapy rice bags follow the instructions below. Supplies Needed Fleece Fabric Cotton Fabric Rotary Cutter & Mat Ruler… 

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Stevia Sweet Tea

Stevia Sweet Tea (Sugar-Free)

My husband loves sweet tea. He grew up drinking his grandma’s sweet tea which was very sweet (sugar induced coma sweet). I made sweet tea with sugar for many years and, while mine was quite sweet, it still wasn’t as sweet as hers. I didn’t mind making sweet tea for my husband because I thought it had… 

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DIY Peg Dolls + Felt Sleeping Bag Tutorial

DIY Peg Dolls (+ Felt Sleeping Bag Tutorial)

Do you remember the felt purse tutorial I shared that had the castle appliqué on it? You don’t? Well, go look at it. I’ll wait…Cute, right? My daughter and niece loved their purses when I gave them to them for Christmas. I have found all sorts of goodies stuffed inside Janna’s purse and my niece has… 

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What I’m Into {January 2015}

I’m going to take a slightly different approach to my monthly updates here on the blog. I thought it would be fun to share a little more than just family highlights from the month and tell you some things I am “into” right now. What I’m Reading I used to be such an avid reader…. 

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Party Food DIY Personal Pizza

Party Food: DIY Personal Pizza

I love planning for and hosting parties. I don’t do it very often but, when I do, it is always fun. So, when two of my oldest and dearest friends planned to visit over Christmas, I went into full-on planning mode. I try to do a different theme every year when they visit. One year it was a… 

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8 Simple Creation Sunday School Crafts

8 Simple Creation Sunday School Crafts

Last fall my Sunday school class learned about how God created the world. We covered one day of creation per Sunday. When we were finished we made a cover page and then put all of their craft pages into a book format. The kids really enjoyed the simple lessons and easy crafts, and I enjoyed… 

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1 Thessalonians 5

What to Do When You Feel Like Complaining

A couple of days ago I was outside feeding our animals dressed in coveralls, a coat, a hat, and gloves. Even with all of those layers I was frozen. The air was so cold that my cheeks felt like someone had slapped them and my nose was so numb I wasn’t sure it would ever… 

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Free Printable Weekly Goals & Cleaning Schedule

Free Printables to Get Your Life & Home Organized

It’s a new year and that means many people are looking for ways to get their lives and homes more organized. If you are like me you have probably been setting goals, printing checklists, and making plans for the year ahead. I have scraps of paper filled with goals and things that I need to do. There is just… 

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2014 Christmas Tree

December 2014 at Blessings Overflowing

December has come and gone and with it another year. Hello, 2015! December is always a busy month for our family with 2 boys having birthdays, our anniversary, Christmas programs, Christmas and all that it entails, and New Year’s. While all of those activities meant December was super busy for our family, we really had… 

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Allergy-Free Sugar Cookies

{Allergy-Free} Sugar Cookie Recipe

I hope you had a great Christmas. We sure did. Last night marked the end of our Christmas get-togethers and, as I was enjoying the sugar cookies I made that are safe for Joshua and I, I realized I had never posted my recipe. Sugar cookies at Christmas have always been a favorite treat of mine…. 

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