Baby Jesus in the Manger Craft

Sunday School Crafts: Baby Jesus in the Manger

Yesterday my Sunday school class read about Jesus’ birth in The Jesus Storybook Bible. Then we made a cute craft that Janna especially has loved playing with. Baby Jesus has been wrapped and unwrapped in his swaddling clothes more times than I can count and seems to enjoy his manger bed. Here’s how you can make this craft,… 

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Toilet Paper Roll Angel

Sunday School Crafts: Toilet Paper Roll Angel

It is officially the Christmas season and that means that my Sunday school class will be doing crafts to help them remember the story of Jesus’ birth. This past Sunday we read about how the angel Gabriel told Mary the good news that she would give birth to a son and that she was to… 

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Putting the Angel on the Tree

November 2014 at Blessings Overflowing

November is over and we have entered the month of December which is always a busy month for our family. With 2 birthdays, an anniversary, Christmas, and New Year’s coupled with basketball games and Christmas programs we are in for a whirlwind month. Before I get carried away with December I thought I would share… 

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Felt Purse with Castle Applique

Zippered Felt Purse Tutorial with Castle Appliqué Pattern

Last week I shared how I made car and train felt play mats for my youngest son and nephew. I wanted to make something similar for my daughter and niece, but I was having trouble deciding just what I would put on a play mat for girls. Then I had an idea. I decided that the girls… 

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Car Felt Play Mat with Cars

Felt Play Mat Tutorial (Car & Train Versions)

Seven years ago, when I was pregnant with my fourth child, I made felt play mats for my oldest two boys. Those car play mats have been played with so much that they look pretty worn out and some of the pieces have come off. This year I decided to try to make a felt play… 

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Make Ahead Thanksgiving Recipes

Make-Ahead Thanksgiving Recipes

Thanksgiving is just three weeks away and that means I am already starting to cook some of the foods we will be eating that day. How can I do that? With the help of my freezer that’s how. For the last several years we have hosted Thanksgiving for about 20 people. Cooking for that many… 

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Zoo 2014

October 2014 at Blessings Overflowing

October is over and I have to say that it was a pretty great month because smack dab in the middle we got to take an entire week off. It was Fall Break for our kids which meant my husband had the week off too since he is a principal. We spent several days at… 

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2 Timothy 4-7

Finish the Race

When Julia was in 7th grade she decided that she wanted to run cross country. I was all for it because I was a cross country manager in high school and, more importantly, my brother was going to be her coach. While she practiced and trained I don’t think she really knew what it would be… 

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Crockpot Ham & Bean Soup

Crockpot Ham & Bean Soup

The weather is getting colder and that means that I will be fixing my family soup more frequently. We have several family favorites, but ham and bean soup is a classic we enjoy. Not only is it frugal, but it is very filling. While making bean soup isn’t hard, it is even easier when you… 

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Sunday School Crafts Day 7 of Creation

Sunday School Crafts: Creation Day 7

Today I want to share the craft my Sunday school class made for  day 7 of creation. Genesis 2:2-3 I had debated about ending the book with day 6, but I decided I needed to come up with some way for the kids to remember that on the 7th day God rested. Since the kids… 

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Creation Day 6

Sunday School Crafts: Creation Day 6

Last week my Sunday school class learned about what happened on day 6 of creation. We learned that God made the animals and people on the 6th day. Genesis 1: 24-31 were the passages we read. Here’s an excerpt. Genesis 1:24 And God said, “Let the land produce living creatures according to their kinds: the livestock, the creatures… 

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Corn Field

September 2014 at Blessings Overflowing

Hello, October! September has come to a close and I find myself once again wondering where the time went. I feel like a broken record, but we were as busy in September as we have been the past few months. Since it is a new month it is time for me to share some of… 

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Isaiah 40-31

In God’s Timing

Four and a half years ago I wrote about an important piece of paper we received in the mail. In that post I said, “I am not sure where God will lead us, but I can’t wait to see what He has in store for my husband next.” At the time I thought that my husband’s… 

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