Tulle Tutu Tutorial

Tulle Tutu Tutorial

My niece recently had her 3rd birthday. Each year I have made her an outfit to wear at her birthday party. (1st Birthday & 2nd Birthday) This year my sister-in-law chose a Doc McStuffins' theme because my niece is really into that show and ... [ Read More ]

Simple Hummus Recipe

Simple Hummus Recipe

Up until a few years ago I had never tried hummus. However, when a friend shared her recipe I gave it a whirl. I loved it and have been making hummus ever since. I enjoy eating hummus with tortilla chips or veggies, especially since going dairy free. If you would like to give this simple …{Continue Reading}

Week 11 in Review

11 weeks button

Today marks the end of my 11 week quest for organization. I am happy to have accomplished so much and made so many knew goals. This past week I followed my new weekly cleaning schedule and I have to say I actually enjoyed it. Not so much the actual cleaning but I did enjoy breaking up …{Continue Reading}

Week 11: Create a Weekly Cleaning Schedule

Weekly Cleaning Schedule

Can you believe that we are on week 11 of my quest for organization? So far I have been reading from the Bible, trying to get 8 hours of sleep, dressing for success, exercising and drinking more water, keeping my bathrooms “company ready”, establishing a laundry routine, trying to keep my kitchen clean, menu planning, making my bed, and decluttering. That’s a lot of new …{Continue Reading}

Week 10 in Review

Decluttered Bookshelf

This past week my goal was to spend 10 minutes each day decluttering my home. I could probably spend 10 hours per day decluttering, but 10 minutes was a good start. I did accomplish a couple of big decluttering projects like this bookcase in my bedroom. (See the before here.) In addition to decluttering this …{Continue Reading}

Italian Cream Cake Recipe

Italian Cream Cake

Let me just tell you up front, I am not a cake-lover. However, the cake recipe I am sharing with you today is an exception to that rule. At my husband’s last job he had a co-worker who made the most delicious cake. It was her signature dessert that she would often bring to carry-in …{Continue Reading}