How to Freeze Cabbage

How to Freeze Cabbage

Last week I picked 5 heads of cabbage from our garden. I gave one to my mom and decided to freeze the rest. If you have ever wondered how to freeze cabbage for use later in soups or other recipes then I have just the tutorial for you. The first thing I do is pull… 

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Garden Update 7-24-14

In the Garden: Bountiful Harvests

Our garden is continuing to provide us with bountiful harvests. We have cucumbers by the basketful, zucchinis the size of newborn babies, bushels of green beans, peppers galore, and more. We are eating well thanks to our garden. While all of this produce is wonderful the only downside is that when it is ready, it’s… 

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Garden Update 7-17-14

In the Garden: There is no prize for the biggest zucchini. :)

We have had a lot of rain this week so I haven’t had to worry about watering my garden for a long time which has been great. The cooler temperatures this week have also helped my garden continue to grow and thrive. It is so full and and everything looks so green. While the rain… 

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Garden Update 7-10-14

In the Garden: Pickles, Peppers & Not Enough Time

We have been getting lots of cucumbers, pepperoncini peppers, and jalapeño peppers from the garden this week. Last week we had tons of zucchini but they have slowed down this week. So far we are up to 49 cucumbers, 41 zucchini, and more peppers than I am going to keep track of. I have been… 

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American Flag Heart

4th of July American Flag Crafts

Happy 4th of July! I hope you had a great day. I have a couple of simple kids’ American flag crafts to share with you. I had hoped to get these posted a day or two ago but our internet has been so sporadic I haven’t had a chance. The repair man came out on… 

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Garden Update 7-3-14

In the Garden: Zucchini Coming Out of My Ears

Since I posted about my garden last week it has really started producing some great harvests. I took the picture below last weekend. It is just a sampling of what we have been enjoying from our garden. Last night I picked probably half a bushel of green beans which makes me hopeful that I will have plenty… 

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Beautiful Sunset

June 2014 at Blessings Overflowing

It is hard to believe another month has come to a close. June was really a great month for our family. One of the highlights of our month was getting to take a vacation. While I shared several pictures with you about our trip, here is one of my kids and husband that I didn’t share…. 

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Garden Update 6-26-14

In the Garden: Tomatoes, Green Beans & Zucchini

Our garden has provided us with even more fresh produce than last week, and has continued to grow like crazy. I think the 3 inches of rain on Tuesday, which thankfully only left my garden wet and not flooded, combined with the hot days has really helped. This week we have been enjoying more broccoli… 

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Library 6-23-14

{Summer Reading} Matilda

The first book on our summer reading list that we finished was Matilda by Roald Dahl (Affiliate Link. Thanks for supporting this site). I had never personally read this book so it was new for all of us. My kids really got into this book and some nights would beg me to read “just one… 

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Playing at a Park 6-23-14

{Summer Bucket List} Have a Picnic & Play at a Park

The summer is flying by and we are making the most of it. We are spending lots of time relaxing, enjoying the outdoors, and just being together. Even though I like the fact that our schedule is more flexible in the summer, I still like to make a summer bucket list (Essentially, it’s just a list fun… 

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Garden Update 6-19-14

In the Garden: Enjoying Fresh Produce

Our garden is continuing to grow and thrive as evidenced by how much it has grown since last week. Not only is the garden growing but we have been enjoying some fresh produce from our garden this week. This is the time when gardening becomes fun because all of the hard work starts to pay… 

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