You Are My Sunshine Footprint Art

Last winter I purchased a large blank canvas with the intention of doing some footprint art with my children. I had seen a really cute “You Are My Sunshine” print on Etsy and thought it I could do something similar.

The project got put on the back burner until last month when I decided it was time to cross this project off of my to-do list.

So, I got out the canvas, rounded up my kids, and now I have my bright and cheery footprint art hanging in my living room.

You Are My Sunshine Footprint Art

It makes me happy each time I look at it. :)

Here’s what you will need to make your own sunshine footprint art.



1. Start in the bottom left corner and paint 1/4 of a circle using the yellow paint and foam brush. Be sure to paint on the edges of the canvas as well.

2. Paint each child’s foot with the yellow paint and foam brush.

If you don’t have 5 kids like I do you can use your child’s footprint over and over or alternate between kids.

You Are My Sunshine Footprint Art 1

3. Press your child’s foot onto the canvas, above the circle you made in step 1.

You Are My Sunshine Footprint Art 2

4. Fill in any gaps or missing toes with the brush and a little paint. (I filled in where my kids’ arches didn’t touch the canvas.)

You Are My Sunshine Footprint Art 3

5. Add some rays in between the footprints by dragging the foam brush from the circle outward.

6. Write the words You Are My Sunshine onto the canvas using the watercolor pencil.

I made the mistake of not using a watercolor pencil and had to end up using rubbing alcohol to get the pencil marks off the canvas (the ones I didn’t write over in step 7).

Also, try not to worry if your lettering isn’t perfect, mine sure isn’t. I think that is why I put this project off for so long–I let my fear of not being able to make my lettering “right” get in my way.

Just go for it! :)

7. Trace over the words with the permanent marker.

You Are My Sunshine Footprint Art 4

Hang your new artwork on your wall and enjoy looking at those cute little (or not so little) footprints.

You Are My Sunshine Footprint Art 5

When I put the canvas on my wall I decided to hang some black and white photos all around it.

I am bad about printing out and hanging pictures on the wall. I often think I’m not going to do it right.

However, I know I am not a great decorator and that is alright with me. If I like how something looks then that is good enough for me. :)

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