Toddler Time: Beans & Pom-Poms Sensory Bin

Sensory bins can provide lots of fun and learning for little ones.

However, when I look at some of the sensory bins bloggers post about I often don’t have the same materials. Yet, this shouldn’t keep me from providing my child with a sensory bin.

With a few simple materials my 2 1/2 year old was entertained for almost an hour by the sensory bin I set up for her this morning.

Beans & Pom Poms Sensory Bin

The first thing I did was to lay down a sheet for easy clean up.

Beans & Pom Poms Sensory Bin 2

Then I gave my daughter some spoons and a cottage cheese container along with a container of beans and pom-poms.

Beans & Pom Poms Sensory Bin 3

Later I gave her a cupcake tin.

Beans & Pom Poms Sensory Bin 4

She loved putting the beans and pom-poms into the cupcake tin. When it was full she would dump everything back into the green container.

Beans & Pom Poms Sensory Bin 5

When she was having trouble getting all of the beans and pom-poms out of the container she just dumped everything onto the sheet.

As you can see sensory bins don’t have to be elaborate or even cost anything. I only used items I had on hand and my toddler loved it.

While I let my daughter explore the sensory bin on her own, I did sneak a little color naming and counting practice. :)

Does your child enjoy sensory bins?

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Note: Do not leave your toddler unattended while they are using small materials such as beans, especially if they are prone to putting things in their mouths, because they are a choking hazard.

  • Lukman Iqbal

    hi, any concerns the beans being to small and they swallow it?

    • Jackie

      I wouldn’t allow a small child who is prone to putting things in their mouth to be alone while doing this activity. If the child puts the items in their mouth then you may need to wait until they are a little older.

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