The Year of the Hat

I am calling 2008 “The Year of the Hat” because, after I learned to crochet, hats are what I made the most. All totaled I made just shy of 60 hats this year. I didn’t realize it was that many until just now. The hats in the picture above were all gifts except one. I actually remembered to make myself one. :-) I often forget to do things like that. Anyway, they are all variations of a basic double crocheted hat. I changed hook sizes for adults and children, and I did other variations like adding flowers to some. I even figured out how to make ear flaps for my little guy’s hat. They were fun to make and I hope they keep the recipients warm.

I also made some newborn hats to donate to our local hospital. I donated some back in June (pictured above), but didn’t mention it because I didn’t think anyone needed to know. However, I have decided to post the link to the pattern in case anyone reading crochets and would like to make some. The pattern was made by a DSD member. It can also be found on her blog. I made the hats pictured below during a trip to visit relatives last week. Reading makes me nauseous in the car, but crocheting doesn’t seem to bother me. I was able to crochet four hats on the way there and four on the way home. I didn’t feel sick as long as we were on the straighter roads. :-) I will be donating these soon.

Lastly, I will share what I made for my brother’s fiancée. I first want to say that I am so happy for him and pray they have a wonderful life together. My brother is my best friend second only to my husband. Well, before I get too sappy I will move on to the topic at hand. I crocheted a hat and scarf for her, and I made a place mat purse. The purse is lined with a fabric that looks like it has peacock feathers on it. I got it from my husband’s aunt and thought it would be perfect since my brother’s fiancée owns a few peacocks.