Week in Review (2-23-13)

“Another year older, another year wiser” is what they say, right? I’m hoping that the wiser part is true and that I don’t actually start feeling any older after celebrating a birthday this week. :)

My dad posted a couple of pictures on Facebook of the two of us together when I was MUCH younger. I thought you might get a kick out of seeing them, too.

Don & Jackie

This picture was taken when I was only a few weeks old.

Don & Jackie 3

This second picture was taken when I was about 22 months old (The same age as Janna.).

It’s fun to look at these old pictures and to show them to my children. Time seems to be going so much faster the older I get.

I want to make sure I am not so busy that I forget to enjoy my family right now because too soon all I will have to remind me of how little they were are pictures.

Maybe that’s why I have been making an effort these past 2 years to take more pictures.

Week in Review (2-23-13)

This week’s picture of the week was taken last night. My oldest three children had a lot of fun playing Rummy with their dad. My job was to keep Janna from trying to grab all of the cards. :)

We did have a good week and I am looking forward to what is in store for us next week.

I did get to read some good posts this week that I wanted to share with you.

What have you been reading this week?


  • Abbi Cobb

    Happy Belated Birthday! Fun pictures of you when you were little!

    • http://www.blessingsoverflowing.com/ Jackie

      Thanks so much, Abbi!

  • Katie

    Janna looks like you when you were little!

    • http://www.blessingsoverflowing.com/ Jackie

      :) I think so too a lot of the time, but a few people have said she looks more like my husband. Only time will tell, I guess.