Week in Review (1-26-13)

When I chose the word joyful to be our focus for the year I knew there would be times that would challenge my ability to be joyful. This week was my first real “test”.

James, my 10 year old, was quite sick. He pretty much didn’t leave his room from last Saturday evening until Wednesday evening with the exception of bathroom breaks and baths.

Janna has been congested, hasn’t slept well, and has been a little irritable. Joshua has had a bad cold as well.

All of this has meant I haven’t had as much sleep this week as I would have liked. However, I am going to focus on the positives.

I do not work outside of the home so I didn’t have to miss work to take care of my children, and my children’s illnesses are/were temporary.

So, while I wish my kids never had to get sick, I am thankful that they are on the mend.

Now I want to share my favorite picture of the week.

When James was feeling better on Thursday he was doing a little writing. Janna wanted me to get her a pencil and paper so that she could be just like her big brother. She kept looking over at him to make sure she was doing it right. :)

Today I also want to share links to some articles I have read recently that I think you might enjoy, too.

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I hope you had a great week!

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  • Rachel E.

    Such a sweet picture. It’s funny, when you don’t think they are watching, they really are. That’s why it is so important for the older kids and adults to be good examples. It’s often the not so good things they pick up.

    • http://www.blessingsoverflowing.com/ Jackie

      Thanks, Rachel! You are so right about the little ones watching. They really do pick up on everything. :)