Toddler Time: Pom-Pom Fine Motor Activity

My toddler is very into counting right now, so I wanted to come up with an activity that would foster her love of counting and enhance her fine motor skills at the same time.

A recycled lunch meat container and some pom-poms were all I needed to make a fun activity that met those needs.

Toddler TIme Pom Pom Fine Motor Activity

I first cut a hole in the lid and applied duct tape to make sure that the edges wouldn’t cut my daughter since they were kind of sharp.

Pom Pom Fine Motor Activity 1

Then I gave her twenty pom-poms and showed her what to do.

She absolutely loved this activity and kept asking me to take off the lid to get the pom-poms out so she could try it again.

Pom Pom Fine Motor Activity 2

My six year old decided that he needed one, too. However, he made a game out of getting the pom-poms back out through the hole in the lid.

Pom Pom Fine Motor Activity 3

They probably played for at least 20 minutes with this activity, so I would definitely call activity a success. :)

My two year old even decided that one of her little dolls would fit perfectly in the opening which added to the activity for her.

Pom Pom Fine Motor Activity 4

I love the imagination of my kids. :)

Pom-poms are lots of fun for kids and are great for counting, color recognition, and fine motor activities like this one.

Sometimes I use them in sensory bins like the simple beans and pom-poms sensory bin I set up for my daughter a few months ago.

Another pom-pom fine motor activity my kids enjoy uses an empty weekly pill container.

Pom Pom Fine Motor Activity 5

My two and six year olds enjoy putting one pom-pom in each spot in the container and then snapping the lids shut.

These activities prove that sometimes the simplest activities can be the most entertaining.