Sunday School Crafts: Prayer

It’s been a few weeks since I posted a Sunday school craft idea. We had some sickness and didn’t go to church two Sundays and I had only my kiddos in Sunday school another week.

However, the past two Sundays we have been talking about prayer. Last week we started trying to learn the Lord’s prayer and we also made a handprint craft to help us remember how to pray.


I saw this idea on a poster but thought it would be more meaningful for the kids to see it on their own handprint.

We traced our hands and cut them out. Then I wrote the following on their handprints.

Handprint Prayer

Thumb: Praise God
Pointer: Confess Your Sins
Midde: Thank God
Ring: Pray for Others
Pinky: Pray for Yourself
Palm: Closing (Amen)

The children then colored their handprints and glued them to another piece of paper.

This next idea is very simple, but it got the kids thinking about who they could pray for each day.


I asked the children to draw who they wanted to pray for and then I labeled their papers.


This was a very simple and cute craft.

I read the book Learning About Prayer to the children while they were completing their drawings.

The book is written in a question and answer format. I think it really helped the children understand more about prayer.

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