Sunday School Crafts: Noah’s Ark

Noah’s Ark was the next story we read in The Jesus Storybook Bible. To go along with the story, I wanted to have the children make a craft that combined both an ark and a rainbow. This is what I came up with.

The kids loved making rainbows and using shapes to make an ark.

The materials we used were a small paper plate, brown shapes for the ark, crayons, glue, and a magnet.

I asked the children to draw a rainbow at the top of their paper plates and water at the bottom. Then they glued the 3 shapes I had pre-cut to the plate to make an ark.

I loved how different they all look. :)

We added a magnet to the back to allow the children to put their projects on the refrigerator if they wanted.

After we had already made this craft I decided to create a printable version for you. Obviously, you can just wing it like I did, but sometimes it is nice to have a templates. You can use the printable as a coloring page or as a template page for cutting out construction paper pieces. Either way will hopefully work.

Print out the template by clicking on the picture below. Enjoy!

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  • Shonda Knowlton

    What a great project. I want to do this with my son. Do you have more Sunday School crafts?

    • Jackie

      Thanks, Shonda! I am so behind, but I will be posting more Sunday School crafts very soon.

  • Jenn

    Thank you so much for sharing this craft! I was searching for an easy craft to go with Noah’s story, and this will be perfect for my Sunday School class! I would love to see more. :)

    • Jackie

      Thanks, Jenn! I’m glad you like it. I will be posting more crafts every Sunday afternoon. Please check back or consider subscribing. :)

  • Dawn Craig

    Your pictures aren’t there anymore… I love this idea!

    • Jackie

      I am so sorry, Dawn. I will try to get this post updated. When I merged my blogs the pictures in some of my posts didn’t transfer. I will let you know when I get it fixed.

  • Linda Dobb

    I am looking for the Noah craft photos. Where and I find them?

  • Catherine Decker Downes

    Hi Jackie- How can I get your pictures of your Noah’sArk craft? It is darling!