Sunday School Crafts: Moses and the Burning Bush

Note: Sorry I took such a long break. I am back now with a new blog design that I am still tweaking. (What do you think?) Plus, I have letter activities to share along with a giveaway this week. Yay!

The next story in The Jesus Storybook Bible that we read was about Moses and the burning bush. I chose to do a handprint/painting craft for this lesson.


I first traced and cut out each child’s handprint onto brown construction paper. Then they glued their handprints along with green construction paper grass onto a piece of blue construction paper.


To make the bush look like it was burning the children used their fingers and red and/or orange paint. This was their favorite part of the lesson because, let’s face it, getting messy with paint is fun. :)

This craft was a fun way to help the children remember the story we read.

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  • Shonda Knowlton

    Cute blog design! I’m just about ready to start doing these Sunday School Crafts with my son!

    • Jackie

      Thanks, Shonda! Let me know how your crafting goes. :)