Ruffled T-Shirt Scarf

Today I have another no-sew T-shirt scarf tutorial to share with you. This one is slightly more involved than the last one, but it will still be pretty easy.

Ruffled T-Shirt Scarf

Scarves are really popular right now, and an upcycled T-shirt scarf fits right into my accessory budget.

OK. So, I don’t really have an accessory budget, but who can resist a free accessory that doesn’t take long to make?

To make this scarf you will need a pretty big T-shirt, a 9-inch paper plate, scissors, and chalk or a water soluble pen. (Dirty floor not required.)

The shirt I used was an XL maternity shirt that never really was big enough once I got past the half-way point in pregnancy. Whatever T-shirt you choose, it needs to be big enough to make about 8 circles.

The next thing I did was cut 8 circles. I traced around the paper plate with chalk and then cut out the circles. I was able to cut 2 circles at a time which is why it only looks like I cut 4 circles.

Next, I cut each circle into a spiral at a width of about 2 inches.

Do this step for all 8 circles. Then you need to stretch each spiral out by pulling on it.

Lay all 8 ruffles out and then find the center. Use a leftover piece of T-shirt fabric to make a tie. Tie a knot around the center of the ruffles.

This is how the scarf will look when you are finished.

Here it is in action. I’m not sure if I like it better this way or like in the picture at the beginning of this post. Either way, I’m looking forward to wearing this scarf to brighten up my wardrobe. I may even have to make some for Christmas gifts. I’m sure Julia will want one.

  • Abbi

    Hello Jackie!
    The scarf looks great! I am laughing however because Mara and I made that exact same scarf yesterday. I found it on Pinterest- did you too?

    I tried to link up but I am not sure if it worked. Here is my link just in case:

    I had thought I was getting everything done ahead of time and I would have my post ready to link up early this morning- well life happened and so instead I am linking it up at nearly 11 at night!

    Have a great weekend!

    • Jackie

      That is too funny, Abbi.  I actually saw a video link from someone about a scarf where they glued 2 sections together.  I decided to skip the gluing and took pictures of what I did.  Later I saw that someone had a similar tutorial on Pinterest.  

      I am not sure why the picture didn’t show up, but it shows you have linked.  I wasn’t on the computer much this weekend.  I will try to give you a shout out on Facebook tomorrow.  

      Thanks so much for linking up. I appreciate how you always tried to link up a post. I am pretty sure this will be my last linky, though.  I just need to focus my energy on other things instead of  hosting a link party.  For example, I need to get my Christmas crafting going.  Take care.    

  • Jackie

    Thanks for linking up, Dana.  I will have to check out your linky.  I think this is going to be my last link party.  I appreciate all of the times you have joined in.  Take care.

  • Natalee

    What type of material is that scarf made from.. I saw it on the diydish and they saud jersey knit.. Is that what yours is made from? Do you know if it works with a plain basic cotton tee?

    • Jackie

      Natalee, the fabric was just a regular cotton knit from a long-sleeved T-shirt.  I think it worked just fine.  Hope that helps.

  • Susan at

    I saw you post on Pintrest!  I love it and I can’t wait to try it!  I am new to your blog and love it.  I will be back!  Thanks and have a blessed holiday!

    • Jackie

      Thank you so much, Susan!  I’m so glad to have you join me.  Have a Merry Christmas!