A Rainbow of Playsilks

a rainbow of playsilks

I have been wanting to get some playsilks to dye for quite a while. I finally ordered some last week from Dharma Trading. The playsilks I ordered are 100% silk and are 15″x60″. There are many other sizes, but I thought these would be nice. Also, they are so much cheaper then buying already dyed silks.

It has taken me three evenings to dye all of them, but was so much fun. I used two different methods to dye them. For the smaller silks I used Kool-Aid and followed this tutorial.

Many of them look like they have been tie-died even though that wasn’t the look I was going for. I used 4 packages of unsweetened Kool-Aid (mostly generic brands) for each silk. I think I should have used 5 packets for the yellow since it is so pale.

Also, when my husband went to the store for me yesterday he picked up 2 packets of what appeared to be purple Kool-Aid. I already had 2 purple packets and added the ones he bought to the jar. However, I realized he didn’t get purple. It was some sort of red Kool-Aid, but it was in a purple package. Oh, well.

I added some blue food coloring, but the silk turned a weird dark maroon/brown shade. I stuck it into the hot water in the big pot I had the jars in for a few minutes before I rinsed it with cold water. The result is the last scarf in the picture above. It isn’t exactly what I envisioned, but it will work. I haven’t given these to the kids yet, so I hope they like them.

Large Playsilk

I also ordered a 35″x108″ silk veil from Dharma. I used this tutorial to dye it using Wilton’s icing. I really like how this turned out. It is just the right size to go over the playstands I had the wood shop class at my husband’s school make.


If you want more info on playsilks or playstands check out the discussions here. I love open ended toys that let kids use their imagination. Also, with the playsilks being fabric and not plastic, and the use of food coloring to dye them, I am not worried about them being hazardous.