R is for Rabbit

Today we started our study of the letter “R”.  Here are some of the highlights of our morning.

The Tale of Peter Rabbit (Reading Railroad)

First, we read the book The Tale of Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter.  This is a classic tale of a mischievous little rabbit named Peter.  The children listened very attentively to the story and wondered if Peter would make it back home.  The illustrations were detailed and captured their attention.

After our story we sang a song based on the book.  I found this song at Perpetual Preschool.  I changed it slightly by removing the word “little” from the lyrics.

Peter Rabbit

(To the tune of “Three Blind Mice”)  
Peter Rabbit, Peter Rabbit.
See how he runs, see how he runs.
He runs from Mr. McGregor’s rake,
He doesn’t know which way to take,
Now he’s finally found the gate.
Peter Rabbit.


Next, we made rabbits out of the letter “R” using the tutorial over at No Time For Flashcards.

The children first colored their letter “R” papers from Itty Bitty Bookworm and then I cut them out.  They glued them onto a piece of construction paper and added ears, a cotton ball tail, a wiggly eye, paper wiskers, a small piece of cotton ball for a nose, and then added a smile.   I loved how all of the children put the ears on differently.


Later, the children used pattern blocks to fill in a rabbit printable from Prekinders.  The children also found all of the red pattern blocks since red starts with “R”.  I allowed them to have some time to create with the pattern blocks which they all enjoyed.

Another “R” themed activity the children did today was to explore some rocks.  We classified them by talking about their size, texture, color, and shape.  I had a few that were split apart that the children enjoyed looking at with a magnifying glass.  They were surprised to see they sparkled even though the outside was plain looking.

Finally, I asked the children to count out ten rocks.  Then we did some math problems with them.  I would make up little stories about the rocks and ask the children to either put away a certain number or add a certain number to their pile.  They were to count them when they were done with each step to make sure they were on track.  They didn’t realize they were doing addition and subtraction.  :-)  We ended with each child having one rock left.  I let them take it home and they were so excited.

We had a great morning, and will continue our study of the letter “R” on Wednesday by learning about rainbows.  Check back tomorrow for a frugal and fun idea.