{Make-Ahead Thanksgiving} The Day Before

Today I am busy getting my house in order and finishing up some baking in preparation for tomorrow.

While my to-do list is long, I feel so good right now because I already had some of the big dishes prepared ahead of time and they are now thawing in my refrigerator.

I put all of the food items I froze during the past few weeks into the refrigerator on Tuesday morning and they will hopefully be thawed out by tomorrow. In case you missed any of my make-ahead Thanksgiving posts, here are the links.

Make-Ahead Thanksgiving 

I thought you might like to see how I stay organized for big events like tomorrow. I wouldn’t get anything done without my lists. I am a paper and pen kind of gal, no electronic lists for me. I love crossing things off too much. :)

The circled items on the yellow list are all I have left to make food-wise. This morning I cooked some green beans and corn that we grew in our garden this year and will re-heat them in crockpots tomorrow.

I also made rolls and a cake for Joshua since there are several things on our menu he won’t be able to eat due to his allergies. I definitely don’t want to leave him out.

Last night I made some dinner rolls using a new recipe that I found at How Does She. The recipe made a ton of rolls that I will re-heat tomorrow right before we eat.

This is just one pan of the rolls. There is another pan just like it that I didn’t take a picture of. We may have rolls forever since my mom is bringing her yummy dinner rolls. That really wouldn’t be a bad thing, though. :)

I did want to note that I tried one of the rolls and it was delicious. The dough was easy to work with, but I accidentally cut the dough into 16 pieces instead of the 12 recommended.

I think the rolls would have been prettier if I had followed those directions better. Regardless of how they look, they will be tasty.

Well, my break time is almost over. I better get back to work. How are your Thanksgiving preparations going? Are you hosting Thanksgiving or are you traveling this year?

  • Rachel E.

    Well, it sounds like you are ready to go. Have a great time with your family.

    • http://www.blessingsoverflowing.com/ Jackie

      Thanks, Rachel! We did have a great time and I hope you had a great day as well.

  • Penny

    My neice hosts our Thanksgiving at her house. She provides the turkey and the rest of us bring a dish to share. We send around a sign-up email a few weeks ahead of time so no duplicating of food. It is our big family get together of the year with 33 of us (9 kids under the age of 8!). It is an awesome blessing to be together! Hope your day was wonderful!

    • http://www.blessingsoverflowing.com/ Jackie

      Thanks, Penny! We had a great day and I hope you did, too. I think only having to provide the turkey might be nice, but I imagine I wouldn’t be able to only make one thing while hosting Thanksgiving. I enjoy getting all that food ready too much, I guess. :)