Lego Travel Boxes

Last year I saw all sorts of LEGO boxes popping up on Pinterest and I thought they would be so fun for my boys. However, I didn’t get any made last Christmas.

This year, though, I knew I had to make some.

LEGO Travel Boxes

I found the perfect boxes at JoAnn Fabrics that were 7 inches square and even had raised edges to allow the LEGO baseplates to fit right on top.

So, armed with the boxes, some LEGO baseplates (affiliate link) we already had, acrylic paint, foam brushes, and some Gorilla Glue (affiliate link), I got to work.

LEGO boxes 1

I painted each box a different color so there will hopefully be no confusion as to whose box is whose. :)

LEGO boxes 2

After the two coats of paint were dry I used a thin layer of Gorilla Glue (affiliate link) on the top to adhere to baseplate to the box.

I will say that I had to work quickly and the glue is not easy to spread out. However, it seems to have worked well.

The true test will be to have my 9 year old test it out. If the baseplate stays on his box, then it will stay on any kids’ box. :)

LEGO boxes 3

Did you know that you can cut LEGO baseplates (affiliate link) with scissors? That’s how I cut the baseplates to size.

LEGO Boxes 6

I even used a couple of pieces for two of the boxes and they don’t look much different than the box above.

Anyway, after I applied the glue and put the baseplates on, I set a book and some heavy bowls on the boxes to help the baseplates adhere properly to the glue.

You will notice that I used a piece of waxed paper under the book. I did this for the boxes that I had to use pieces of the baseplates for.

The waxed paper just ensured that nothing stuck to any glue that might have made it through the cracks.

LEGO boxes 4

Once dry, the boxes are ready for action. I think my boys will like them.

LEGO boxes 5

Even if they don’t use them as travel boxes, they can still use them to hold all of their mini figures in them.

Do your kids enjoy LEGO’s? My boys sure do. :)

  • Pat

    Yes my boys love them. I still have them and now a second generation of kids are enjoying them! These boxes are a great idea!

    • Jackie

      Thanks, Pat! My husband saved some of his and our boys play with them now, plus new ones of their own. :)

  • Amber

    Great idea….I was wondering what to make for my son :)

    • Jackie

      Thanks, Amber! Let me know if you make one. I had seen people putting handles on them, but I am afraid the wood would split so I didn’t add a handle.