Homemade Sensory Table

I recently asked my husband if he could build a small sensory table that would allow a plastic tote box to fit inside it. I gave him a few rough ideas about height and he got to work. Using only scrap wood, this is what he came up with.

Homemade Sensory Table

My four year old has been loving our “new” sensory table. While the wood didn’t look great to begin with, thanks to some wood filler and paint I think it looks pretty good now.

Homemade Sensory Table 1

I wanted to show you the top of the table. My husband cut out a hole just barely big enough for the tote box I had.

Homemade Sensory Table 2

It is tight fit which is great for not allowing the rice and beans to get under the lip of the box.

Homemade Sensory Table 3

My husband would have preferred to use 2×4’s, but I told him just to use only wood he had. The table is lightweight, but so far seems like it will be sturdy enough to withstand much use.

The height of the table is 23 inches. There is a small lip around the top so that the rice and beans will stay on to table, unless they are flung with force from the box straight to the floor. (Remind me to put a sheet or something under the table.) :)

The top of the table is 25 inches by 27 inches, so it isn’t quite a perfect square. The container I used was a Sterlite container that measured 20 inches x 13 inches x 5 inches.

Homemade Sensory Table 4

When we aren’t using the table we put the lid on the top of the box. I will keep the beans and rice in it for now, but I can always change either the box or its contents whenever.

Homemade Sensory Table 5

Joseph is tall for a 4 year old, but I think the height would be good for younger/shorter children. Janna is 1 year old and the table comes to her neck. That is fine because she is still putting things in her mouth so I am not quite ready to let her play with it yet.

Do you have a sensory table? I think we are going to love ours.


  • Bethanyhaid

    EXCELLENT!!!  My daughter is the same age as Janna, and my son is nearly three.  We’ve had to start doing sensory bins on the kitchen table or patio table for the same reason you mentioned.  Our sensory bin is currently CLOUD DOUGH, which you must make immediately!  You could use whatever oil you have on hand that you feel is inexpensive enough, but I found that baby oil is really much better than cooking oil.  It smells better and it seems to be a “finer” oil so the end product seems smoother.

    I will PIN this table so when we move to a home with adequate floor space or a room for schooling and play we can have this!

    Do you also have a train table?

    • http://www.blessingsoverflowing.com/ Jackie

      Thanks so much, Bethany! Cloud dough is on my list of things to do with my kids. I will purchase some baby oil and give it a whirl. Sounds like lots of fun. Does it dry out at all? 

      Yes, we do have a train table that my husband made years ago. I just repainted it recently. Also, if you look at the picture of the two kids at the sensory table, you will see our Lego table which is where all of the larger Legos are. The smaller ones are kept totally away from Janna in my older boys’ rooms.

  • Rachel E.

    I like this little table.  Great idea!  I think my three year old would love it.  I have a bucket of plastic rice pellets, but I am going to toss the plastic and use real rice when I get moved.  She loves to measure and pour for a long time.  I like the various themes you use as well.  

    • http://www.blessingsoverflowing.com/ Jackie

      Thanks, Rachel! My son loves to measure and pour just like your daughter.