Fix It Up Friday: Nursing Clothing Hacks


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As a breastfeeding mother it is nice to have some actual nursing clothes.  They aren’t necessary, but they make discreet nursing in public possible.  When I had Julia I didn’t have any official breastfeeding clothes.  I wore button down shirts, skirts and tops instead of dresses, and/or just pulled up my shirt.  This worked fine, but was hard to do in public without a lot of skin showing.

When I had James, my mom made me a few shirts and dresses that were specifically designed for breastfeeding.  I have worn those clothes a lot over the past 9 years.  Making clothes from scratch can be time intensive, so my mom, clever woman that she is, figured out how to alter some ready-made clothes to make them suitable for nursing.

Here is a dress that I have worn many times.  The dress has a lining that is under the top part. The top part of the dress is able to be lifted all the way up.  My mom decided this would be perfect for altering into a nursing dress.  She was right.

Here is what my mom did to the lining.  She cut slits and then added a little bit of similar fabric to prevent raveling.  I am not exactly sure what she did to make the fabric overlap, but I think it might not have been necessary.  Since the top fabric is opaque, I think the slits could have been cut and then serged or zig-zagged.

Here is the dress in action at Easter.  Look how tiny Janna was!  Anyway, you can’t even tell that I have on a nursing dress.  Yay, Mom!

My mom bought me this shirt a couple of months ago because she thought it would be easy to turn into a nursing shirt.  (Yes, my mommy still picks out my clothes.)  The reason this shirt was suitable for nursing is that the outer shirt fabric was not attached to the black fabric except at the sides and not in front.

With two simple cuts near the sides of the shirt I was able to turn this ready-made shirt into a nursing shirt.

Here is the shirt in action on Sunday.  These two clothing hacks prove you don’t have to be an expert seamstress or follow complicated patterns in order to have nursing clothes.

Another idea is to cut two slits in a tank top and wear it under a shirt.  This will eliminate any skin showing when you lift up the top shirt to nurse.

If you are or have been a breastfeeding mother, what kinds of clothes do/did you find worked best for nursing in public?

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  • Abbi

    I remember the days of fixing up nursing dresses. I made some from scratch and others I fixed up like to mentioned here. I also wore a lot of shirts that were loose enough to nurse in comfortably with skirts.

    Janna is really growing up!! Very cute.

    • Jackie

      Thanks, Abbi!  I think skirts and loose shirts are a great option, too. Thanks for sharing what you did.

  • Bethanyhaid

    I just wear Bravado Nursing Tanks, which means that I don’t worry about having to wear a special shirt.  So a typical summer outfit for me would be regular tank top, nursing tank, skirt, sandals.  When I feed my baby, I just have to lift the top layer.  Its great!

    • Jackie

      Thanks for letting me know what works for you.  I have heard people really like the nursing tanks.  I’m glad you have found a comfortable way to nurse.  

  • Judy @ Contented at Home

    As a mom who is currently nursing Baby # 7, I definitely agree  that nursing clothes make public feeding so much easier! I’ve used similar techniques to modify clothing to meet my needs. One thing I  learned is that placing the hidden openings near the side of the garment (instead of directly in front) helps keep the opening from “showing through” the outer layer. 

    I’m enjoying all the information you share here!

    • Jackie

      Congratulations on baby #7!  My baby #5 just fell asleep while nursing during my minor blog crisis.  :)  (Thanks for your support!)  I have had several styles of nursing tops, and the side openings do seem to work well.  If the shirt has an extra front panel that isn’t see through then I don’t mind the front openings.  

  • Jackie

    Thanks!  I am all about saving money.