F is for Flag & Fall

Today we started our study of the letter “F” and the color pink. Fall, flags, finger painting and more were incorporated into our day. Here are some of the highlights.

We first read the book F Is For Flag by Wendy Cheyette Lewison. This book shares the history of our flag as well as helps children understand the reason for our flag.

Next, we made a letter “F” flag based on the tutorial from No Time For Flashcards.

I cut all the pieces out prior to starting the activity. The children only had to glue everything together on a piece of pink paper (our color of the week). When I do all the prep work it makes the craft more manageable. I did incorporate some counting into the activity by asking the children to help me count the number of stripes and stars I gave them for this project.

This cute song from No Time For Flashcards was fun to sing before our next project. It is to the tune of Row, Row, Row Your Boat.

Leaves, leaves, leaves are falling
Falling to the ground.
Orange, red, yellow and brown
Leaves are falling down!

After singing the song we made fall finger painting pictures. I traced each child’s hand and forearm onto brown construction paper and cut them out. The children glued their “trees” to another piece of paper. Then they dipped their fingers in red, yellow, and orange paint to make leaves falling from their trees.

They were having so much fun that I gave them each a sheet of plain paper and let them finger paint for a while. They loved getting messy. :-)

Years ago I was given a large number of felt leaves, but I had never figured out what to do with them. So, I decided to put them to good use for some fall themed learning. They will be used for the following activities.

For the first learning center I numbered 10 leaves from 1-10 with a fabric marker. The children will have to put the numbers in order, and I will also ask them to find me certain numbers. For example, I might say, “Show me the leaf with the number 5 on it.”

With the other leaves I used a fabric marker to label one type of leaf with capital letters and another type of leaf with lower case letters. I will use these to have the children help me put the letters in ABC order, to ask the children to find specific letters, and to match lower and upper case letters. I plan to use these for the next several weeks.

We had a great day learning about the letter “F”. We will continue our study when the students return on Wednesday.