DIY Mugs & Snowman Soup Printable

This year for my boys’ teachers I decided to make personalized mugs filled with goodies for their Christmas gifts.

DIY Mugs 5

If you have been on Pinterest at all then you have probably seen all of the DIY Sharpie mugs people are making. I thought this would be a fun idea.

However, after some research I realized Sharpies probably weren’t the best thing to use on the mugs. So, I purchased a DecoArt Glass Paint Marker(affiliate link).

DIY Mugs 2

It took me several tries to get the hang of writing on the mugs but that was alright. I simply used a paper towel to wipe away the paint, rinsed off the mug, dried it, and tried again.

As long as you clean the mug off right away you can try again. And again. And again. And…you get the picture. :)

DIY Mugs 1

The directions said to let the mugs dry for 4 hours and then to bake them anytime after that but before 8 hours have passed.

I placed the mugs on a baking sheet, set them in the oven, and then turned the oven on to 375 degrees. Once the oven was preheated I set my timer for 40 minutes.

After 40 minutes had passed I turned the oven off and opened the door until the mugs were cool. Then, they were ready to go.

I tested them in the microwave and dishwasher and the paint stayed on well.

DIY Mugs 3

The phrases I wrote were as follows.

“Keep calm and pretend it’s on the lesson plan.”

“I teach. What’s your super power?”

I also wrote each teacher’s name on the handle.

DIY Mugs 4

For the women teachers’ mugs I crocheted mug cozies using the pattern I found at Tutus and Tea Parties.

I used cotton worsted weight yarn and I like how they turned out. However, I would recommend purchasing mugs before crocheting the cozies. I think next time I would make them less wide.

One of the things I added to each mug was a baggie filled with snowman soup. I had to provide treat bags for James’ class so Julia helped me make 40 bags for the students and the teachers.

Snowman Soup Collage

I had seen many different versions and some cute free printables. However, if you know me, or have read this blog for long, you know I like to do things myself. So, I made up my own snowman soup bag topper.

Of course, I am offering it to you for free so you can make some, too. :)

Snowman Soup Bag Topper

To print the bag toppers either click the picture above or the link below. You can print them on regular paper, but card stock is even better.

You will cut around the solid red lines and fold along the dotted red line. Then, staple them to a zip-top bag filled with a hot chocolate packet, a candy cane, a few mini marshmallows, and two chocolate kisses.

Snowman Soup Bag Topper

I also added some herbal tea bags and homemade goodies to the mugs. The boys said their teachers liked the gifts.

Also, be sure to check out my other teacher gift ideas if you need more inspiration for the end of the year or next Christmas.

Update 1-28-14: Here are a few of the other DIY mugs I made for Christmas.

The mugs pictured below were for my brother and sister-in-law and they only make sense when they are together.

DIY Love Mug Front

On the back I wrote, “Love is patient, love is kind.”

DIY Love Mug Back

For my parents I decorated soup mugs.

DIY Grandma Mug

My mom’s says, “A garden of love grows in a grandma’s heart.” Along the bottom I drew flowers and wrote all of the grandkids’ names inside.

DIY Grandpa Mug

My dad’s mug says, “My greatest blessings call me Papa Don.” Along the bottom I drew hearts and wrote each grandchild’s name inside.

  • Merryl Chantrell

    Your mugs look really good Jackie. What size marker tip did you use? Your printing looks very clear. I hope you and your family have a Happy Christmas and a safe New Year.

    • Jackie

      Thank you, Merryl! I am not sure the exact size of the tip. I used the marker I pictured above and it wasn’t a fine tip. It was similar to a sharpie tip. I hope you had a great Christmas.

  • Merryl Chantrell

    Yes thank you Jackie. My husband was born on Christmas Day and it was his 70th birthday this year so we got both sides of the family (2nd marriage for both of us) and we had a BBQ a few days before Christmas. The BBQ went off very well with everyone joining in the celebrations but gosh it makes for a very long albeit enjoyable day :-) Christmas Day we spent just driving to one of our fav spots with our dog and then going home to enjoy a quiet Christmas lunch. I hope you and your family had an enjoyable Christmas too.

    • Jackie

      Sounds like a wonderful Christmas, Merryl. Thank you for sharing and happy birthday to your husband as well. :)

  • Pam

    I wasn’t able to make these mugs for Christmas, but intend to do so for Valentine’s Day, altering the tag just a bit. Thanks, Jackie! You are a blessing!

    • Jackie

      That’s a great idea, Pam! They can definitely be made for Valentine’s or any other holiday. Also, thanks for your kind words. :)