Craft Room Organization on a Yard Sale Budget

I have been working for the past week or two on reorganizing my craft room. When I was working on making homemade Christmas presents I really neglected it and it became a catch-all for junk.

With a little elbow grease, some woodworking awesomeness from my husband, and sheer willpower I was able to whip my craft room into organized submission.

And, I did it all on a yard sale budget.

I thought it would be fun to highlight some of my craft room organization ideas that were very inexpensive.

While this yarn and fabric storage may look like it was intended for this purpose, that really isn’t the case.

For example, my yarn storage cubby was really designed for shoe organization. I purchased it and the drawers below for $5 each at a yard sale. They were still in excellent shape so I didn’t mind spending that much, especially considering they sell for much more than that brand new.

To hang the yarn cubby and drawers on the wall my husband used two sturdy shelf brackets and screwed the units to it. He also used some L-brackets to keep the two units attached to each other and the wall.

We already had the shelf brackets and I thought they were perfect because they had a spot to put a closet rod on them. I used a small dowel rod to hold my grosgrain ribbon and set it on the brackets.

The area between the brackets made a great place to store some of my craft books, too. Also, that little decorative box was given to me by a student, probably 11 years ago, and is where I store my ribbon scraps that are too big to throw away.

I decided that being able to see my larger pieces of fabric would make me more likely to use them. Previously, I had them stored inside of tote boxes and had a hard time remembering what fabrics I even had. I would then pull them all out and it caused more of a mess than it was worth sometimes.

So far, Janna hasn’t tried to pull the fabrics off of the shelves and they have been this way for a while. Here’s hoping they stay this nice with a toddler running around. :)

The shelving unit was given to me by may parents and I covered it with contact paper last year.

I do want to note that not all of my fabrics are on the shelves. I have a tote box full of scraps as well as some fabric in a to-do box.

My sewing table was an old school table that we got for free. It is big enough to hold my sewing machine and serger. The chair pictured above was one of 6 that my husband purchased for just a couple of dollars off of Craigslist. We took off the seats and I stapled on new foam and fabric from my stash.

I now have a chair for each of my machines instead of having to move one from side to side. (How spoiled do I sound?) Plus, Julia and I won’t have to fight over one chair now. :)

My dear, sweet, loving, awesome husband (I hope he sees this post. 😉 ) Made two shelving units from scrap wood for my closets. They aren’t pretty but they are heavy duty.

Now I have all of my craft supplies in one place and I don’t have to pull out three tote boxes just to get to the one on the bottom.

Plus, since my parents put a light fixture and an outlet in the closet years ago when they lived here, I can use the top shelf for ironing or hot gluing and little hands can’t mess with those hot tools. Woohoo!

Side note: Do you see the spice rack in the closet on the right side. I use it to store beads.

A friend gave me this basket years ago and I have only used it for decorative purposes, until now. I am storing all of my scissors on the wall well out of the reach of a certain curious toddler.

These fabric flowers were made by my mom and they sure brighten up my craft room. I think they may require a tutorial, if she will show me how she makes them.

I also have a desk and my computer in my craft room which is free of clutter at the moment. I do still have a couple of boxes to go through but they aren’t cluttering up my room. They will have to be dealt with since they are in another part of my basement. :)

I hope you enjoyed seeing how I have organized my craft supplies inexpensively. Yard sales, thrift stores, and hand-me-downs are all great ways to get cheap organizational items. They are also how I get the majority of my craft supplies, too.

How do you keep your craft supplies organized?

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  • Rachel E.

    It looks great. I wish I could find a few moments to organize my craft area. It’s a mess! Still haven’t unpacked from moving here. :(

    • Jackie

      Thanks, Rachel! I am sure moving and trying to do everything else has meant that your craft area has taken a back seat. I hope you find some time soon. :)

  • Amber

    I keep my stuff in big plastic tubs…but would love for them to be out and organized…Thanks for sharing and I would love to learn how to make the fabric flowers :)

    • Jackie

      Thanks, Amber! I am loving being able to see more of my supplies. It is making it easier to find things. Also, I will have to get my mom to show me how she makes the flowers. She has made quite a few and given them away.

  • Queen of Free

    WOW! I love how cute Janna is in these pictures. :)

    • Jackie

      Thanks! She was showing her approval, I think. :)

  • Alexis @ A Moment with M.O.M.

    Looks great Jackie! Getting organized is so important for us busy Moms, helps to have time and our sanity. ~Alexis on behalf of everyone at A Moment with M.O.M.

    • Jackie

      Thanks, Alexis! Yes, I quest for more organization. :)

  • Sara

    I love it! And I second your nomination- your mom needs to do a guest tutorial of those flowers :)

    • Jackie

      Thanks, Sara! I will see what I can do about getting my mom to show me how she makes the flowers.

  • Ginny

    Looks great! I, too, would love a tutorial for the flowers.

    • Jackie

      Thanks, Ginny. I will work on getting a tutorial up. :)

  • Abbi

    So nice Jackie! We just finished up organizing our craft room as well. It is so nice to get it done – I can totally understand how you are feeling. I know for us it just made us really feel like creating something again and using that beautiful space but then making sure to clean up afterwards!

    • Jackie

      Thanks, Abbi! You are so right. I couldn’t even think about crafting with it such a mess. I am inspired now, but I need to get all of my kiddos healthy again. James has been sick several times this winter. :(

  • Jackie

    Thanks so much, Leigh! I will have to check out your blog.