Clearing Clutter

Well, it’s Wednesday and this is the first time I am writing since Sunday. I told you that my goal for this week was going to be to manage my computer time. I have been online less than 2 hours every day like I wanted to be. However, I am not getting things, like blogging, done and I am finding I am not very good at managing my time I am online. I need to figure out a balance.

I did want to show you what the result of getting 8 hours of sleep, taking better care of myself, and managing my online time has resulted in:  a “new” sewing/craft room.

This is a room in our basement that at one point several years ago used to be my embroidery business room.  Then, for 2 years, it was my preschool classroom (There is another room I also used for preschool that isn’t shown.)

I am happy with the results of all of my hard work, and the help of my family on Saturday.  I hope to do a little more decorating of the room, but so far everything has come from other parts of our house.  Maybe sometime I will show you all of the room.  For now, I am showing it to you for reference so you can see what I was able to accomplish.

The before picture I am about to show you may be a little shocking.  I ended preschool abruptly due to being very ill at the end of February.  After that point the room started becoming a catch-all.  Then I had a baby.  Fast-forward 8 1/2 months and this was the result.

Let’s play a little I-spy, shall we?  Do you see my son anywhere in this room?

This is a very embarrassing.  Can you believe that in only 6 days I got that room whipped into shape?  Do you want to know how good it feels to have it cleaned up with things where they belong and 7 large trash bags taken to the Goodwill?  I will tell you.  It feels AWESOME!

It is hard to share a picture like that with all of you because it is admitting that I am often a housekeeping failure.  But, maybe by showing you that I worked hard to clean it up and clear it out, one of you might be inspired to do the same in your home.

I know people use the excuse of having kids they want to spend time with as a reason for not keeping their house picked up.  Hey, I’m the queen of that one.  However, how much time do you spend online or on other personal ventures that don’t include your children?  Ouch!  That one smarts a little.  Talking to myself here, too.

However, what are we teaching our children if we have areas of our home like this?  Let’s prove to people that, with a little effort each day, we can take good care of our children AND our homes.

Starting next week my goals will switch from life goals to home goals.  I hope you will stick with me as I forge onward to a new year of organization.

Before I let you go, I wanted to share a picture of a doll my mom made for Janna.  It is so cute and Janna has enjoyed chewing on it.  If any of you seamstresses want to know details please let me know and I will find out from my mom what pattern she used.

  • Bethanyhaid

    Good job!!

    • Jackie


  • Amber

    Yeah!  Great looking room…I need to work on our basement again.  It is also our catchall.  I love the little doll.  Will you share the details?  I’m making a bigger one for my older daughter (pattern that my mom gave me) and would love to make a small one for my daughter

    • Jackie

      Thanks, Amber.  It was one of those situations where I could shut the door and pretend it didn’t exist.  It started when I had Julia clean out her room before Janna was born and then it just became more and more of a catch-all after that.  

      I will talk to my mom about the pattern she used. I know she did some altering, but it was something she found online.  I will get back to you on it.

  • Rachel E.

    Not a housekeeping failure, but a normal, hardworking, stay at home momma.  You know priorities and you take care of them.  I was a little shocked, but probably because I am amazed someone else can have a room look like one of my rooms.  :-)  And that little baby of yours is adorable with a capital A.  

    • Jackie

      Thanks, Rachel.  That is true.  I am sure it was shocking to see.  I felt like I should have been on any number of those shows where they come and help you get rid of stuff.  I am glad to know I’m not the only one who lets things like that happen, though.  Thanks again!

  • Sheila Laurence

    The doll is very cute, and Janna is even cuter!

    • Jackie

      Thanks, Sheila!

  • Becky

    Hi! I live in a super tiny 900 square foot home. It is my two sons ages 13 and 8 and me, plus our 70 lb. Old English Sheepdog. In this home we live, homeschool, and run an in home daycare. I so wish for a room that can be the clutter room because each room tends to end up with a bit of clutter each day. It is so hard. I don’t have a closet, so my room has my clothes on the floor.In the living room all are the toys for daycare toddler (he has his own shelf.) The closet next to the back door has all the homeschool and art supplies.

    I dream of the day I can have a sewing and scrapbooking room set up, but for now I do feel so blessed to even have a home and the ability to homeschool (I am a single mom.)

    Your sewing room looks great.

    • Jackie

      Becky, I want to applaud you for all that you are able to do in a small home.  How wonderful that you can see what you do have as a blessing instead of a hinderance.  I think that having more room just makes you have more places to put clutter.  Therefore, it isn’t necessarily a good thing.  However, I see your point on needing more space with all that you do.  Thanks so much for sharing.  I sometimes see our big house as a curse because of all there is to do in it, but I really need to make sure I am praising God for the blessing it is and take care of it better.  

  • Katie

    I am so glad you showed us the before picture of the basement. I have a spare room that is a “catch-all” space and you can hardly walk in there, I’m so glad I’m not the only one who clutter gets the best of occasionally. You should feel proud of yourself, clearing out clutter is a lot of work!

    By the way, Janna is such a cutie :)

    • Jackie

      Katie, I’m glad to know I’m not the only one, too.  :)  I am pretty pleased with the results of my hard work.  However, it just reminds me of how far I still have to go around here.

  • Abbi

    Great job on the craft room. Mine can get out of hand too. I am trying to get a handle on it. Ever a work in progress.
    What a sweet looking baby girl you have!!

    • Jackie

      Thanks, Abbi!  I am sure that once I start working more on my homemade Christmas presents it won’t be as easy to keep this room clean.  However, I want to come back to this post and remember how bad it was and how I don’t want it to look again.