Apple Themed Sensory Bin

Yesterday we played with apple pie scented play dough. I will have the play dough available all week. Today, I added a new apple themed activity for my 3 1/2 year old son to try.

Apple Themed Sensory Bin

Here is the apple themed sensory box I set out for him on an apple vinyl tablecloth on the floor.  It isn’t anything fancy, but he has been enjoying it.

To make the box I simply put beans, rice, a few detergent lids, a toilet paper tube, a spoon, some alphabet letters and some plastic apples in a shallow plastic tote box.

Apple Fishing Game Sensory Bin

A few years ago I made an apple fishing game from some plastic apples.  I had hot glued some pipe cleaners to the top of each apple, curved them so they could be hooked by a loop, and then added a piece of twine with a loop on the end to a dowel rod.

My son loved fishing for the apples and we worked on number recognition while playing.  I had numbered the apples 1-12, but only added 1-5 to the sensory box today.

Apple Themed Sensory Bin 2

I also added magnetic letters to spell the word “apple” and then hid them in the box.

apple letter magnets

This really interested my son and he, on his own, decided to put them on the refrigerator.  I helped him know the right order.  Later, he added more alphabet letters.

Apple Themed Sensory Bin 3

Finally, my little guy enjoyed some simple scooping and pouring with a toilet paper tube on top of a detergent lid.

Just a note, some beans and rice may get outside of the box.  This is why I put the tablecloth under the box.  A sheet would work as well. You could also incorporate another learning experience to this activity by giving your child a small broom and dustpan to clean up any mess when he or she is finished playing.